Rock Lounge is a specialist in creating fantastic musical events and experiences – with over 30 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, we have worked with many of the greatest artists the world has ever seen, covering iconic events in places as widespread as Marbella, Miami, Mallorca and the Algarve.
We’re experts at connecting audiences through live experiences because we have organised and created memorable events on all scales, from small and intimate to massive. In doing so, we have the product to satisfy the musical cravings of mature, nostalgic generations, and the fun-loving hunger of younger ones. We cover different musical genres, but always aim to create a special experience.
Rock Lounge is the product of the entertainment experience and passion of a multi-generational team that has made its name with musical events that range from small bespoke experiences to huge cultural concerts and festivals. We work with legendary musicians and upcoming stars to give you, the music enthusiast, fantastic events built around your favourite artists.

Join us for unforgettable moments in stunning locations around the world.


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