Our aim is to make each concert and event unforgettable, never to be repeated...

Rock Lounge is an associate of Crazy Music Productions which has produced outstanding concerts and events all over the world for the past 2 decades. We have featured such artists as Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Rod Stewart, Seal, Simply Red, George Benson,Van Morrison, Blondie, Michael Bolton, Kool and the Gang, Avicci and many more.

Our aim is to make each concert and event unforgettable, never to be repeated, each unique to its environment. We adhere to the same standards with our other brands of Desert Lounge and Island Lounge in different music genres. For the ultimate experience we offer exclusive VIP Packages for all our events.

The Rock Lounge Webiste allows you to buy tickets for all our concerts and events.

“Our concept has always been to bring top acts to special parts of the world where people gather to enjoy themselves in style,” says David Giles founder of Rock Lounge, and I think we have delivered on that.” From tens of thousands thronged on the beaches of Miami on New Year’s Eve to select hospitality gatherings, he has matched the concept to the occasion, while remaining true to the dual mission of providing affordable concert tickets and a top notch VIP experience. “At the higher end of the market, particularly in places like Palma, Marbella, Monaco and Marrakech it entails enjoying a special experience, and we have created those in a heady, luxurious environment with superb hospitality.”

“Our season starts in June and runs through to the end of August,” says David, by which time we will have presented a full calendar of top name concerts in Marbella, Palma de Mallorca and in the Algarve.” alprazolam online